French lesson: Listen for these words & phrases that tripped me up

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useful french phrases

Sometimes when you’re learning a language, you focus on all the wrong things. Like maybe focusing too much on perfect pronunciation. Or trying to expand your vocabulary before you have the basics down. To get by in French, you need to have a decent vocabulary but you also need to be prepared to recognize some common questions and words you might hear when out and about. So instead of focusing on subjunctif conjugations and obscure words you’ll never use, perk up your ears and listen for these useful French phrases so you’re not lost. Learn from my mistakes!


Watch out! French first names that may mislead you

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french first names for guy or girl

Are you a man or a woman? Does your first name reflect that?

Some first names are really straightforward and you know right away upon hearing the name if the person is a guy or a girl. Let’s take Diane, for example. I guess a male Diane is out there somewhere but 99.9% of the Dianes walking around are female. And Thomas is pretty much always male. But it’s not always so straightforward in French. A handful of French first names work for both sexes and I’m going to tell you which ones to watch out for….

Let’s go!

French Christmas markets and Saumur food and wine show

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French Christmas markets and anything to help get in the mood for the holiday season rank high on my to-do list this time of year, so we wasted no time this weekend and headed to the Château de Brézé for their annual marché de Noël. But that’s not all our Sunday had in store. Just after leaving, we saw a sign for the nearby food and wine show in Saumur and figured we’d check it out… and that turned out to be a major hit!

Read on for more on French Christmas markets and our trip to Saumur!

Pics of the month November: Wine and regional products exhibition

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Hello! The food in France never ceases to amaze me, so when I saw a wine and food show advertised not far from where we live, I had to go check it out. As one of the first people in the door Sunday morning, I made my way around to all the tables and sampled cheese, desserts, drinks and more. So November’s pics of the month are from the yummy exhibition.

Read on!

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