Before & after our canal trip: Quick stops in Carcassonne & Saint Emilion (PHOTOS)

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Hello friends! Just checking in with a quick post for you today.

Before & after our canal trip-001

My parents are here for the rest of the week and we all just got back from a big trip down south. We did our second canal cruise aboard a Nicols boat and I’ll be telling you all about that soon. Until then, I’m sharing photos from our pit stops before and after our cruise.

Read on for pics from Carcassonne and Saint Emilion!

Oui In France’s 5th birthday & Rolser shopping trolley review (GIVEAWAY)

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It’s giveaway time — and also Oui In France’s birthday! This month, Oui In France turns 5 years old! I can’t believe it!

Oui In France turns 5

No matter how long you’ve been reading my blog, I’d like to say thank you. Without all of you out there commenting, sharing, and encouraging me, my blog wouldn’t be what it is, so again, un grand merci. To help say thanks, I’ve teamed up with Rolser for a fun shopping trolley giveaway open to Oui In France readers worldwide.

Read on!

Pass the bread, please. That’s not “bread”!

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I’m surprised this funny exchange about French bread took 5 years to happen. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a misunderstanding or if my mother-in-law was messing with me. Let me tell you what happened. Tom and I were at a Sunday lunch at a rather large table a few weeks ago with his family. It was the kind of table where you had to ask someone next to you to pass the salt because it was too far away to grab yourself.

Please pass the bread

Read on!

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