5 Things that surprised me about blogging

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Things that surprised me about my blog

I’ve been at this blogging thing now for over three years and every now and then, something will surprise me either about my blog or blogging in general. Maybe fellow bloggers out there can relate!

Here are 5 things that have surprised me about my blog and blogging!

Things that surprised me about blogging

People have been respectful

Read any internet forum or mainstream article’s comment section and you’ll see people’s ugly sides. Internet trolls are commonplace and people hurl insults via their keyboards like it’s nothing. I don’t want to say I’m surprised that no one has been outright nasty to me, but I’m happy to say my readers have been kind and respectful (except for a few crazies) even when they’re disagreeing with me. When you can still voice an unfavorable opinion calmy and respectfully, you have my ear. Thank you for being a good crowd!

I really, really like blogging

Do you have a hobby that you wish you would have discovered sooner? Something that you look forward to? Lets you be creative? Or that maybe gives you purpose? For me, running this blog is something I truly enjoy. It’s my space on the web where I write what I want when I want. It’s become more than “just” a blog for me. Oui In France makes me feel accountable and fulfills a need I didn’t even know I had. So yes, I really, really like maintaining this blog, so thank you all for being here. And for coming back.

surprising things about blogging

I’ve stuck with it

This is related to the point above. Since starting my blog three and a half years ago, I’ve blogged twice a week, as I set out to do, every week — sometimes more. I think I didn’t post once when I was sick but other than that I haven’t left readers hanging. For me, there’s nothing more disappointing than when a blogger stops blogging out of nowhere or is so inconsistent that they’re not even on your radar anymore. I like consistency. I like that I’m consistent and have been able to stick with it — even though my blog is just a hobby and not a business. Will this be the case forever? No, but for now I’m sticking with it.

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Many of my readers who comment and email are significantly older than me. And I love it!

When I started my blog, I assumed that my regular readers would be similar to me. Women in the 25-34 age category (as reported on Google Analytics), maybe fellow expats or those with an interest in France. While part of that is true and 70% of my readers are female and the majority fall into my age group, I have to say the people who email me the most and reach out personally are women in their 50s or 60s (even 70s!). It warms my heart to hear from all of you and I never would have expected my blog to appeal to such a wide range of ages (and even a few guys!). I think that’s awesome and am so happy to have you all here!

People are comfortable sharing the strangest things

I get emails from readers all the time where they share things with me that I’m not sure they would share face to face. Do I seem approachable? Do people feel more comfortable that we’re communicating via the internet and not in person? Cool, thank you for trusting me. To respect everyone’s privacy I won’t share specifics but I’ve gotten very detailed emails about people’s sex lives, medical conditions and more. Even weird requests for help with American appliances. I don’t think I’ve ever emailed a blogger about anything super personal out of the blue, but people like to write me about personal things all the time. I’m definitely not a psychologist or expert on dating and relationships, but happy to help where I can!


Has anything surprised you about blogging?

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Comments (5)

  • Cynthia


    You are such a jewel, Diane ! Your amazing spirit shines through in everything that you do ! I’m not one for doing blogs and I don’t have a facebook. I’m not the social media type. But your blog comes from the heart and that’s why I like to read it ! As far as the troll stuff goes, these people are unhappy in their personal lives. If they were happy in life they wouldn’t feel the need to dump on others. I hope that you have a beautiful Christmas and the best New Years ever ! Love !


    • Diane


      Thanks Cynthia, you’re too kind — so happy to have you here. The trolls are just nuts and I think hiding behind a mask of anonymity makes people feel like they can do and say anything. But luckily people have been kind over here on my space. 😉 Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you as well! xx


  • Jo-Anne


    So true I am 53 and love your blog, I enjoy reading about how things are in France, compared to how things are in Australia. I also enjoy blogging it is my number 1 hobby now
    Jo-Anne recently posted…Last day of the school yearMy Profile


  • fiona


    Interesting post Diane. Maybe bloggers feel they can tell you personal details because you wrote a post where you mentioned your vagina! I’m very broad-minded but even I would give that subject a wide berth…it was a great post though. By the way, I’m 53.


  • Deborah


    Diane, you have a fantastic blog. From your posts about living in France to your posts about blogging, I’ve found your blog informative and a wonderful read! I’m 54 and I personally loved your blog about not having a 100% organized clothes closet – I’m the same! Have a Merry Christmas!


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