Crepes & some spring blooms

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yellow daffodils spring in france

Kicking off the weekend with a stomach bug/food poisoning is never a fun time and unfortunately, friends, that’s my life right now. I managed to get in and out of the dentist yesterday before I started feeling really bad but last night was not fun. I really have no clue if it’s a stomach bug or food poisoning since symptoms are similar, but I am feeling better today and just taking it easy in front of Netflix. Speaking of which, I watched the Aussie series Secrets & Lies and am going to check out Bloodline or The Fall. Have you seen either? Have any recommendations for me?

Anyway, let’s get on with a few pics from life lately!

We pretty much skipped winter in my little part of France and aside from a week back in January where the temps were around 30-35 F, it’s been in the 40s all winter long. Now that it’s officially spring, we’ve been treated to sunny days in the 50s and even 60s, so here are a few of my favorite pics from around my yard and the park.

forsythia flowers yellow

purple spring flowers

red bush in yard

Also a few weeks back, Tom and I went to dinner at a creperie in Angers with some friends. You typically get a savory crepe for dinner (I went with goat cheese, lardons and salad) and finish up with a dessert crepe and for some reason the coffee flambe one was calling my name. Of course I wanted the real experience and opted to have the rum lit on fire and I have to say my first flambe was a success. I ate every last bite.

flambe crepe in france You can also pick up a container or two of homemade caramel for your crepes at home. I restrained myself… this time, anyway.

caramel at creperie

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What do I have for you next week on the blog? A post about my trip to the French gynecologist and something extremely scary that happened with Dagny (she’s OK, thank god) that all pet owners should know about, especially if you live in Western Europe.

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Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

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Comments (6)

  • Jackie


    Sorry to hear you caught a “bug.” Hope you are all better very soon. As far as a recommendation on Netflix, Breaking Bad is pretty good. Loved all the pics you posted. Miam-miam on the crepes. Now you piqued my curiosity on what happen to Dagney. I hope she didn’t get into any foxtail. We have that growing here and I always try very hard to keep my dog out of those patches.


    • Diane


      Thanks Jackie, I feel better already so in a few more days I’ll be as good as new. 😉 Tom LOVES Breaking Bad but I never got into it — I’ll have to try again. I know it’s a favorite for so many people.
      Nope, not foxtail. More like something out of a science fiction movie!


    • Diane


      Thank you, Alan! Thank goodness it was a short-lived bug and my fever is already gone so hopefully will continue to get better as the day goes on. Are you a fan of flambe crepes? I can’t believe it took this long for me to try one!


    • Diane


      Thank you, feeling a bit better today! And yes the caramel is definitely tempting!


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