Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series review

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Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series

It’s not every day that a workout knocks me on my butt. But this one did and I kind of liked it! Today I’m bringing you a review of one of the most high-energy, effective, versatile workout series I’ve ever done. Enter Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series. This 5-DVD set will torch calories, leave you dripping with sweat and have you feeling like you’re on top of the world.

Need a challenge? Looking for something new to add to your workout mix? This is it.

Read on for my Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series review!

Fusion Fitness Dream Body workout reviews

My regular readers know I’m a frequent gym-goer but sometimes you don’t have time to hit the gym. Or maybe you don’t even belong to a gym and enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home. Looking for a challenge? Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series is an excellent addition to anyone’s home fitness DVD lineup and here’s my detailed review of what it is and why it might be right for you.


diane showing the dream body cardio series dvds

To give you a bit of background, I like to push myself. I don’t work out to mindlessly go through the motions (most of the time) and pushing my physical limits is a challenge I’m up for (just not in the heat, that’s not cool ever). I’ve done all kinds of difficult workouts over the years with the harder hitting cardio ones being Insanity and BODYATTACK. The Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series ranks right up there with them and is no joke. But it won’t just challenge your cardio fitness.

So let’s get to it…

fusion fitness dream body workout reviews

Overview of Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series

The 5-disc set is fun and innovative with many moves I’d never seen before and you won’t get bored. What I liked about the Fusion Fitness series is that the workouts challenged me in a variety of ways. It wasn’t just a pound-it-out cardio workout like Insanity that focused on your cardio fitness that I could mentally push myself through. It wasn’t just about resistance work with the band or weights where if you’re really strong you can just hammer it out until the end. It blended cardio work with balance and resistance all in one so if you’re really strong in one aspect of fitness, these DVDs will force you to work on your weak points.

I found my muscles getting tired from the resistance work but still having to really focus and mentally commit to continue doing the cardio part and make it until the end. The format was exciting and you will see results.

In each DVD, the main instructor takes you through the workout with two others behind her — one doing the advanced moves and one doing modifications.

Equipment: You’ll use a combo of light weights, a resistance band, ball and paper plates. If you don’t have these things, you can use two soup cans or water bottles if you don’t have light weights and a pillow in place of a ball. If you don’t have paper plates, use a glossy piece of junk mail instead. The resistance band is important though and I’d recommend you use that when noted although I’ve heard a pair of old pantyhose will do the trick in a pinch.

Music: Option to play with the built-in music track or on silent if you prefer your own music. The backing music was pleasant and wasn’t a distraction for me at all.

Price: $129.99 via Amazon

Who Fusion Fitness Dream Body is for:

This set is challenging. As someone who works out often (with a few days of intense workouts each week), I have to admit that I would often drop down to the modifications or take a breather for the last couple of counts of each move on a couple of these DVDs. I’d only do these workouts on days when I felt motivated and energized because I knew I’d need to be in the right mindset to get through it. Not for the lazy days when you’re feeling tired!

This set is for the very fit — I might even say advanced — exerciser. You will be pushed to your limits while working up an intense sweat. The box set is for those looking for an intense, energetic workout that forces you to dig in. That’s not to say it’s off limits for a beginner but I feel someone new to exercise might not get the most out of the workout if they aren’t familiar with proper form or would end up discouraged because they’re falling behind and not able to do exactly what the instructor is doing at the same pace.

Let’s take a look at each of the 5 discs:

fusion fitness dream body workout reviews

Disc 1: M.I.L.F. (Max Interval Laced with Fusion)

What it is: The first 30 minutes focus on cardio intervals that will ramp up in intensity while decreasing in length (from 1 minute down to 15 seconds). You’ll work through this sequence three times. The second 30 minutes are all about resistance work and will leave your muscles screaming. You’ll use light weights, a band and paper plates.

My thoughts: The cardio intervals are no joke here and aren’t traditional cardio moves but innovative full-body moves with quick transitions that will take you from standing, to a plank position, to band work and more without skipping a beat. Your heart rate is up the whole time and you’re working muscles you didn’t even know you had. I was more than happy to modify a couple of these and was kind of wishing we could just jog in place or do jumping jacks. But nope — the intensity stayed up! The second half used the band almost the whole time and you’ll definitely have to dig in to finish.

fusion fitness dream body screen shot

Disc 2: inTENse

What it is: The name of this should clue you in that you’re in for a major challenge. Here you’ll work through six (10-minute) segments alternating between cardio, arms and abs. Each muscle group will be thoroughly fatigued and you’ll be so proud of yourself when you reach the end. You’ll use light weights, a ball, a band and paper plates.

My thoughts: If you want time to breathe, you’ll have to pause the DVD because this one absolutely lives up to its name and has you going hard from start to finish. Many of the moves (even the woman doing the modified moves) are quite advanced here and might frustrate a beginner. The pace is quite intense — almost frantic — and the band work toward the end will leave your arms burning.

Disc 3: Bikini Bootcamp

What it is: You’ll focus on cardio and abs in Bikini Bootcamp and incorporate kickboxing moves with the resistance band. Your arms will be feeling it and your cardio will keep the calorie burn up and the sweat pouring down your face.

My thoughts: WOW this one was tough. I loved the band work — instead of using it in a loop which is more common with lower body exercises, a lot of the moves incorporated the band unknotted for upper body work. You can ramp up the resistance by getting a tighter hold on the band or loosening up to give it some slack when it starts getting tough. Again the moves are fast and you will definitely feel the burn.

Disc 4: Fusion 50

What it is: A 50-minute workout that will take you through a cardio sequence followed by a real burner that will light your glutes, hamstrings and arms on fire in just 15 minutes. You’ll use light weights, a resistance band, paper plates and a ball.

My thoughts: Out of all the discs, I think I enjoyed this one the most. The moves played to my strengths and I felt like I was more motivated to push through it until the end. That’s not to say it was easy by any means. Even after the cardio, I still had sweat dripping off my nose during the sculpting part of the DVD and had to dig in (loved the one-legged band tricep work while holding the ball with your leg. Killer!). Fusion 50 is still extremely challenging but in a doable, fight-to-the-finish kind of way.

Disc 5: Bata Barre

What it is: This workout will take you through 30 minutes of calorie-torching tabata intervals and then 30 minutes of ballet barre (that is some of the hardest barre work I’ve done). You’ll need light weights, a band, ball and paper plates.

My thoughts: Sometimes workouts are hard and leave you feeling challenged but confident you can finish strong without giving up. This workout had me questioning whether I’d make it more than once. No lie. This was HARD. But I made it and felt really good at the end. I did take a few little breaks here and there but it’s what I needed to finish strong.

 diane working out

Tom thought it would be funny to snap a few pics of me trying not to die.

What the Fusion Fitness Dream Body DVDs do really well:

Professional, easy-to-follow format. Excellent quality video that’s bright and crisp with non-distracting backup music and instructors that will motivate you.

Motivate you to really work to your limits. Again, these DVDs are not for the faint of heart and the exercises will challenge your level of fitness: either cardio, strength, balance, endurance or a combo. The instructors are fit and energetic and do the moves with you.

Introducing a variety of moves so you don’t get bored. Many of the moves were new to me and were fun to do. While they mix in more traditional moves like jumping jacks and burpees here and there, everything is mixed in so the workout remains fun and you’re guessing as to what will be next. You never do any one move long enough to the point of getting bored. The format of the workout moves fast so the time passes quickly.

Innovative exercises. Many of the moves were so cool! Using a band or a paper plate (to slide with) really challenges your muscles in new ways and I found myself really enjoying the creativity of the workout.

Excellent counting down. For me, I like to know how much time is left for each move. It’s a mental thing, so if there are 10 seconds left, I know I can push myself to finish strong. The instructors do a great job at letting us know how much longer we have to go before we change and I found that really helpful.

What the Fusion Fitness Dream Body DVDs can improve on:

Focusing more on modifications. While low-impact modifications were given for many of the moves and one of the instructors demonstrated them throughout, the main instructor quickly pointed out the modifications and then moved on. To make the DVDs more accessible to all levels of exercisers so newbies don’t get discouraged, it might be helpful to say a little more about the modifications or give an alternative option for those who find even the modifications challenging.

More guidance on form. The workout is fast-paced and if you’re new to exercising, you may not know the proper technique for a plank or a punch, for example. It’s also why I say this set is geared toward the more experienced exerciser. It might be beneficial for the instructor to focus more on form to ensure that the folks at home are performing each move correctly.

Model the next exercise in advance. Many times, I found myself standing there for the first count or two of a new move as I tried to follow what the instructor was doing. It might be helpful for the instructor to cue the next move a few counts before the current one is up or model it quickly. Something as simple as, “Get ready in 4 to go down to the mat” or “Keep going, you have 10 seconds, get ready for high knees with arm raises (model move) next. Here we go…” That way we’d know exactly what was coming and could join in immediately without watching for a few counts to get the move right (although I needed the mini-break a lot of the time!).

Add in a short warmup. The DVDs get started right away without a quick overview of what’s to come or a warmup. For me, a warmup helps me to mentally get ready for the workout and there weren’t any warmups here. Even with really tough workouts, the warmup not only gets my body ready but helps prepare my mind for what’s to come. The “hard” parts seem more bearable when they aren’t right out of the gate. Make sure you’re warm before you start!

Bottom line

Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series is an extremely well-rounded, challenging workout series that will whip your butt (and entire body) into shape, provide variety for those who are in a rut or just want a change. The DVDs are innovative, professionally filmed, and most of all, FUN! Highly recommended.


Do you like working out at home? Would love to hear if you’ve tried the Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series! What workout DVDs would you recommend?

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Comments (12)

  • Lynn


    Have you considered starting a second blog for your fitness-related posts? I know some recipe bloggers have done that when they switch their focus from desserts to healthy food. I’ve been coming to your blog because I’m also an expat in France and your posts on that subject really speak to me, but I don’t really have an interest in the fitness stuff, so it feels a little disjointed. Just wanted to give you some honest feedback. (I’m guilty of doing un-France-related posts on my blog too, but my readership is maybe 2 people)


    • Diane


      Hi Lynn, thank you for your honest feedback and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. I’m sure others have had similar thoughts so let me clarify a few things.

      First, I’m not sure if you saw my post from a couple of months back, but it was titled A Shift In Focus (http://ouiinfrance.com/2014/11/13/a-shift-in-focus/) and explains more about why I’ve branched out. Second, I’m not switching my focus to health and fitness and changing my blog to a fitness blog. It’s just one of the topics you’ll see here and I don’t think you’ll see more than one healthy living post per week, if that.

      So to let you know where I’m coming from, I feel like my life (especially now after being in France for 3 years) is so much more than just “Diane the expat” and while the main focus of my blog is France and expat life (and will always be), that’s just one facet of who I am.

      When I started blogging, I didn’t know how much of my real self and real voice I wanted to bring to my blog and initially I wrote posts on practical info about life in France, which was fine up until about the two-year mark. There’s only so much you can say on certain topics, you know? I feel like I’ve covered a lot of the life in France basics. I’ve read so many expat blogs that have started out really energetic with weekly posts that, with time, have fizzled out completely or the blogger posts so infrequently that I don’t even check back anymore. I didn’t want that for Oui In France.

      Going forward, since there’s more to me than just being an expat, I felt that incorporating a passion of mine, healthy living, to the blog was a necessary step and might even attract some new readers. At the two-year mark, I felt I had built up enough of a readership that expanding my focus wouldn’t lose everyone and readers seemed to be supportive, so I went with it. Creating healthy living content energizes and motivates me and in doing so, helps me come up with post ideas within the expat/France niche. It’s re-lit my creative spark.

      Many people (expats and non expats alike) enjoy working out so my hope was that maybe they can learn something from one of my healthy living posts and maybe those coming to my blog for a review of this DVD set will stay awhile and learn something about France. And if not, that’s OK. I think that as a blogger, I have to be 100% true to who I am first and foremost.

      A few other thoughts: I read a bunch of blogs and some blogs I love have a focus on CrossFit – something that doesn’t really interest me. I’m there for the other stuff and because I like the writer and the other content, but when I see a CrossFit post pop up in my feed, I simply skip over it because it’s not for me. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the blog – just that not all posts appeal to me. Same thing with a parenting blog I read for the blogging advice. I’ve never read any of her parenting posts but I read every word of her blogging advice. I think that’s OK and normal. I don’t think I follow one blog (that’s 2+ years old) where every single post appeals to me.

      As a blogger as well, you know how time consuming having a blog is (especially when you work full time) so starting another blog on just health or fitness didn’t seem like the best option for me – because again my focus is not just on health or fitness either.

      To wrap up here, I hope I’ve given you some insight into where I’m coming from. I also hope you’ll stick around and kindly skip over posts that don’t interest you. 😉 Again, thank you for your honest feedback.


      • Lynn


        Wow, Diane, thanks for your thoughtful response! I did see your original post and I totally get it. i just wanted to give you feedback as someone who loved the original (France-related) content – what’s funny is you’ve unknowingly prevented a lot of blog posts of mine because you’d already covered the topic and so well! I can also tell that starting a second blog would be a lot of work for you since you’ve obviously put soooo much time into turning this one into something great, and you wouldn’t be half-assed about a second one. Anyway, just wanted to give you the feedback so you didn’t lose any readers. Thanks!


  • Chris


    While I have never heard of this set before, it does seem like it would be fun. Once I start to really see results of something, I am more motivated to keep it up. This sounds like that would be the case here. I take yoga and booty burn classes at my fitness center now, and this would be a good supplement to that – for those days when I feel more energized and want something a bit more active.

    A previous gym I belonged to ran serious fitness DVD sessions like this for some of their sessions, and both men and women participated. It sounds like this series would be an excellent addition to that.

    Great review!


    • Diane


      I heard about the DVDs from another blogger and so glad I did. I think these DVDs will absolutely produce results and they’re great for when you just can’t make it to the gym. Check ’em out!


  • Memo


    Diane, do you think the workout would appeal to men? I would be willing to give it a try. Let me know what you think?


    • Diane


      Absolutely! While the instructors are women and the moves might not be “manly” moves, they will definitely be challenging for both sexes. The DVD names are more geared toward women, but I think a couple can do these workouts together for sure. The content will challenge anyone! Thanks for checking out the post.


  • Martha


    Hi Diane,
    I’m a Francophile and a fitness enthusiast, so I’m glad I found your blog! The reason I did is because Darby, the owner of Fusion Fitness, posted your review on Facebook. For several years I took classes at Fusion in Overland Park, KS. But now that I save every penny for travel, especially to France, I do this set of Fusion DVDs at home. I am 57 years old, so I warm up for 5 minutes first to prevent working cold muscles and I modify a bit on the push-ups. I like all of the workouts in the series. I can feel a bit lazy, but once I pop them into the computer I feel motivated and can really push myself. My husband likes them as well, although they do tend to emphasize areas women like to tone: glutes, obliques, abs, inner thighs.
    P.S. My next visit to France includes a 2-week immersion program in Bayonne.


    • Diane


      Hi Martha, thanks so much for checking out my review! That is so cool that you love France and will be taking an immersion program. It’s really the best way to learn and put your skills to use in a real-life setting. You’re going to love it! About the DVDs, I’m with you about the warmup ahead of time. I feel like if I don’t ease into the DVDs, I can get defeated if I’m not in the right mindset. They really are hard but in a good way. 😉 Also, that’s great that your husband likes them too! Thanks again for your comment — so happy to have you here!


    • Diane


      Yah, the name is risque sounding but the workouts will really push you! Thanks for checking out the review!


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