June pics of the month

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Hi folks, hope you’re enjoying yourselves wherever you are… Today it’s all about the pics. I’m bringing you a few of my favorite shots from June.



June pics of the month

Saturday morning snuggles are always a highlight of mornings around here so here’s a pic of Dagny and me getting the day off to a great start:


At the very end of our river cruise, we stopped by the stunning Chateau de Malle in the Sauternes area which is more than deserving of a mention:


And France’s sunsets never cease to amaze me. This pic was taken off the sun deck of the cruise ship and it looked even more stunning in person:


The last one is a Dagny shot because why the heck not. Here she is resting on the couch a bit bummed it was raining out:


Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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