Things you find only in France… Instagram style

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The longer you’re in France, the more likely it is that you’ll see something chuckle worthy and think “only in France would I see that.” The Local ran a post a few weeks back with tweets featuring things you’d only find in France and it was a humorous look at French culture, so here’s what I’ve come up with after scouring Instagram for similar finds.


Things you can only find in France

Back in NYC we have subway musicians, beggars, acrobats and more but in Paris, the metro is a place to break out a bottle of fine wine and celebrate. Why not?

Chips are a snack aisle staple and there are all kinds including barbecue, vinegar, sour cream and onion and…. truffle??!!

Bike baskets are pretty commonplace but a special wine holder that keeps your bottle safe and sound ’til you get home? Totally French and I love it.

The post office is open Monday thru Saturday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Yikes, even for France this is bad.

Here’s the milk distributor in my town where you can get a fresh bottle of whole milk any time of day or night. (And there are apparently baguette vending machines too, but not where I live)

Have you had any “only in France” moments lately?

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Comments (5)

  • Cynthia


    Perfect Diane ! This is such a cheerful post ! I never knew about the baguette machines ! I know that I would be very addicted that bread !

    Cheers !


  • Stella


    Even though I’m french, I’ve never seen such things! But that’s true that’s some things you would only find in France!
    The bike wine bottle holder is so funny! And “chips saveur truffe” is soooo french!


  • Elena


    This is hilarious and so French! I’m kind of jealous that you have this vending machine in your city. At least you can get milk on Sunday as in Besancon where I currently live, everything’s closed…

    My recent only French moment is a guy, caring 3 baguettes on a bike. He simply put them under his jacket and half-zipped it, so that they wouldn’t fall out. I wish I took a photo of that!


  • Neshanne


    I love the milk vending machine! I’ve been living in Japan for the last 4 years and they have a vending machine for everything, I can get my fresh eggs from a vending machine to my hot green tea and beer.


    • Diane


      Oh wow, that’s really convenient. Love the idea. Is this just outside the grocery store or randomly in a parking lot. Very cool!


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