February pics of the month: Valentine’s Day treats

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valentines-day-in-france Hello… so Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! It’s a pretty low-key day here and shops do sell red and pink-themed treats and cards for the holiday of love, but it’s nowhere near the level of craziness that Valentine’s Day is in the U.S. I remember stocking up on pink and red M&M’s in Target and heart-shaped Reese’s and this and that — I actually enjoyed it — but here in France the focus is on the actual love…

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Valentine’s Day in France isn’t commercialized to the extent it is in the U.S. There aren’t aisles and aisles of V-Day chocolate and stuffed bears in the stores. Instead, you might find a special pastry in the shape of a heart at the boulangerie, some specialty chocolates at Jeff de Bruges and a few other items for the holidays but it’s more subtle than the U.S.’s version of the holiday.

If you’re not the card and chocolate type, why not bake up something special? I’m sort of obsessed with baking and whipped up some chocolate cupcakes with pink cream cheese icing and just yesterday some red velvet chocolate chip cookies (recipe can be found on Sally’s Baking Addiction, a blog I adore).



We celebrated Valentine’s Day while on a quick jaunt to Paris over the weekend to visit friends who were there from back home. How can you not love this city?

Eiffel Tower view after the rain:


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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