France’s frozen grocery store: My favorite Picard foods

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Picard food store Picard is France’s frozen food store and not everyone loves it as much as I do. For some, it’s a weekly grocery shopping staple, and for others, it’s a place they despise. For me, Picard foods are lifesavers and come in handy when you don’t want to cook. The frozen food leader has provided endless hours of excitement for me (yes, I’m serious).

So what are our favorite Picard foods? Read on!

There are hundreds of Picard locations in France alone. The store itself is organized similarly to a U.S. grocery store’s freezer aisle — but with so much more. The big rectangular freezers that span the floor have everything from appetizers all the way to dessert. The difference between Picard and a U.S. grocery store is that the entire store sells only frozen food items — and has a very thorough selection. Best part? The vast majority of products are excellent! Perusing every last nook and cranny of the freezer is something that never gets old for me because there’s always something new to try.

While the promo prices are very reasonable, a trip to Picard can really add up if you’re not careful. How I wish I had a backup freezer to stock up on all the products on sale. One day…

Curious about what you can find at Picard? Chocolate eclairs, frozen lobster tails, organic vegetable bowls, quiches, a whole bunch of premade dinners and SO MUCH MORE.

This could have been a HUGE list, but here are some of my favorite Picard foods at the moment:

Chinese Dumplings

Picard Chinese dumplings

Chinese food where I live just isn’t the same as what I’d get in NYC, but these Chinese dumplings come pretty close. Available in a variety of flavor options, they make a great appetizer and I have to admit it’s hard to pass them by.

Italian foods like cannelloni

Picard cannelloni When there’s no time to make something fresh, this ricotta and spinach cannelloni will do the job in a pinch. Bake it, add a salad and voila — dinner is complete!

Desserts: Tiramisu, eclairs and more!

Picard tiramisu

No French meal is complete without dessert, so if you don’t have time to pick something up at the patisserie, swing by Picard for this creamy Tiramisu. Light and flavorful, this Italian dessert is just as good as homemade!

So when you’re in a pinch, head out to your neighborhood Picard for something quick and tasty. Don’t want anyone to know? Get rid of all the evidence. 😉

Do you wish there was a store like Picard in the U.S.? I do!

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Comments (3)

  • Jeri Gordon


    I hope we will have Picard in Chicago soon! The food is totally wonderful-
    Where do we write to request that Picard expands to our beautiful mid-west ?


    • Diane


      Unfortunately for now, I think they’re staying in Europe but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to contact them through their website. I love it too! 😉


  • Jeri Gordon


    Thank you, Diane! I will try the website !


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