Favorite Paris-inspired Etsy shop items

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If you’re kind of obsessed with Etsy and/or France and have some time to kill, take a few minutes to check out my top Paris-inspired Etsy shop items. Whether you’re looking to add some French flair to your home or add a charming piece of jewelry to your collection, my Etsy shop picks will make you wish you were here in France. Well, except for that pesky dog poop problem.

Read on for my top France Etsy items!

Etsy wallstargraphics

Eiffel Tower wall decal — WallStarGraphics

Ever stare at a blank wall in your home and wonder what you should put there to make it pop? Well, look no further because the Eiffel Tower wall decal by WallStarGraphics has solved that problem by bringing France’s most well-known tourist attraction right into your family room. These premium matte vinyl graphics come in a variety of colors and add just enough pop to keep it classy. ($60)

Flowers from Paris greeting card — MimimiCards

Have you ever received a card so beautiful that you held onto it and still have it today? Well, get ready to add another beauty to your collection with these handmade cards from from MimimiCards. Creators Nastasya and Alex from the Ukraine have a gorgeous selection of handmade cards that’ll surely brighten even the gloomiest person’s day. From dogs to the Eiffel Tower, these cards will make even the most discerning stationery snob squeal with delight. My favorite is the Flowers from Paris card, which is pictured above. ($10)

Etsy sarasmiledesign

Paris is Always A Good Idea cushion cover — sarahsmiledesign

Tired of your boring old throw pillow? Add a taste of Paris to your living room with this pillow cover from SarahSmileDesign shop. Until you make it back to Paris, these cushion covers with the famous Audrey Hepburn quote will remind you of the City of Light every time you plop down on the couch. ($35)

I Love Paris Eiffel Tower Ring — WeldedHeart

If you’re looking for the perfect ring to complete your collection, look no further. This sterling silver beauty from WeldedHeart features a 12mm heart engraved with an Eiffel Tower. If you’re a minimalist type of gal, this might just make your day. This piece is handmade in Denver, Colorado and comes in a wide range of sizes — perfect for young and old hands alike. ($30)

Etsy tubidu

Paris fine art illustrations — tubidu

In the market for some artwork? These stunning illustrations of Paris by tubidu are printed on glossy paper and will add a gorgeous reminder of Paris’s beauty to any room you hang them in. Buy one or grab all four. Either way, you’ll transport yourself back to Paris with just one glance. ($65)

Etsy transitdesign

Paris Metro subway scroll — TransitDesign

TransitDesign specializes in vintage bus scrolls, tram rolls and subway signs and this Paris Metro piece features all the best tourist stops from the romantic capital. Equally fitting for the kitchen or your living room, add a touch of Paris to your home with this unique piece. ($199)

What are your favorite France Etsy picks?

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Disclosure: All Etsy shop picks are my own and I was not compensated in any way by writing about them.
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