Pics of the month: July — La Rochelle, France and Ile de Re photos Instagram style

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This past weekend, Tom, Dagny and I headed to La Rochelle, France. The seaport town is the capital of the Charente-Maritime department and about two hours by car from where we live. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! Then on Sunday, we went to Ile de Re which is an island connected to La Rochelle by a 2.9 kilometer bridge.

Check out what our weekend in La Rochelle and Ile de Re looked like Instagram style!

Our trip started off at the Old Port in La Rochelle, France.

Old Port La Rochelle France

After a long day of walking around, here’s Dagny enjoying our queen size bed at the hotel. She’s almost 10 months old and looks as regal as ever!

Dagny enjoying the big hotel bed

And the courtyard gardens at the hotel.

Best Western La Rochelle France courtyard

The hotel chandelier in our room.


Some graffiti that actually looked pretty cool on the way to the park.

Cool graffiti

Here’s the Old Port area at night.

Old Port La Rochelle at night

And a deserted street on the walk home. Love the runway lights!

Street at night La Rochelle France

On Sunday, we made the short drive to Ile de Re, France. Here’s one of our Ile de Re photos at a lighthouse on St. Martin de Re.

Phare des baleines Ile de Re

And the main shopping and restaurant area of St. Martin de Re.

St. Martin de Re

Can’t wait to go back!

What are your favorite La Rochelle or Ile de Re photos?

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