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Marie Claire mariages feature

Have you ever wanted to share some very special pictures with the world on a large scale? It was never a goal of ours to be featured in one of the world’s top wedding magazines, but I’m happy to say that our wedding story appeared in the summer issue of Marie Claire Mariages, an international bridal magazine. And it wasn’t just a little blurb. There were four pages!

Keep reading for more on our wedding story!

So how did this happen?

It was all thanks to my amazing photographer friend Carolina Rivera of CWR Photography, who I’ve known since 8th grade. She’s one of the most talented people I know and we were honored to have her shoot our wedding. Her style is intimate, journalistic and just gorgeous. She managed to capture all the special moments of the day and the pics turned out amazingly well.


The June/July/August 2012 issue of Marie Claire Mariages features her work and we couldn’t be more honored. Congrats, Carolina! I hope this is the first of many international displays of your work. You deserve to be famous! If you need a talented photographer or just want to check out Carolina’s work, peruse her blog here.

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Now for the pics (sorry for the amateur pics and not a scan):




About Tom and me

I first met Tom in 2009 when he came on vacation to New York City. After his trip ended and he went back to France, we stayed in touch. Later that year I moved to France (the first time, and unrelated to him) for work and Tom was my lifeline who helped me navigate the French bureaucracy. As time went on, we started dating and realized there was a real connection there. And the rest just unfolded naturally. We got married in August 2011 and I moved to France shortly thereafter.

Thanks again, Carolina, for immortalizing our very special day!

Be sure to check out Tom’s column on my blog called Ask Tom Tuesdays, where he answers your questions!

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  • Carolina Rivera


    you guys were amazing models, couldn’t have asked for a better couple to give me the freedom to create these awesome photos 🙂


  • Jess @UsedYorkCity


    This is amazing! Congrats! I’ll check it out at one of the multi-language news stands in Midtown!:-)


  • Catherine


    Congratulations to you Diane – and Carolina! Those are certainly beautiful photos … wondering how many copies of the magazine you have 😉


  • Vanessa




  • Erin


    So very cool!!!!-beautiful!


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