Are you happy in France?

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happy in france

A few weeks ago, I caught up with an old colleague I hadn’t spoken to in years. We chatted a bit and a few minutes into our conversation she asked me if I was happy in France. I thought about it for a few seconds and confidently answered that yes, I was. After 4 years of living abroad, I can honestly say that I am happy — but does being in France play a huge role in my overall happiness? How much does your physical location factor in to who you have become? How much should it?

Let’s talk…

A delightful French yogurt cake

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how to make a french yogurt cake

Salut! First a little housekeeping: As you know (since you’ve already taken it… I’m really surprised more than a handful of you took the time, THANK YOU!) my first Oui In France blog survey is open and I’d love your feedback if you have 2 minutes. I also have a Clara en Provence giveaway open right now that’s free to enter and open to my readers worldwide, so go hurry up and enter! 

Now for today’s post…

When Tom saw me organizing all my little glass yogurt pots the other day (that I keep because they’re too cute to trash), he asked me if I was going to make a yogurt cake. I had no idea what he was talking about, so he explained how a French yogurt cake is a simple cake — like a less dense pound cake — that you make by using the yogurt container as a measuring cup — and voilà, a yummy goûter. He used to eat them as a kid and pretty much every French person knows what they are. French yogurt cakes are as commonplace in French households as Betty Crocker would be to an American, so whether you’re French or not, try whipping up a simple gâteau au yaourt if you’re craving something sweet. It is seriously simple. Promise.

Here’s a basic French yogurt cake recipe!

A touch of France: Clara en Provence {GIVEAWAY}

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Clara en Provence{REVIEW + GIVEAWAY}

If you think of Provence, what comes to mind? Fields of lavender, beautiful weather and excellent wine? Yes, please! Well, I can help you out with the lavender part at least. For a dose of Provence at home, you probably think of potpourri sachets, soap and loads of lavender. And I have it all for you with this generous giveaway from Clara en Provence.

Read on to enter giveaway!

A quick favor please: Oui In France Reader Survey 2016

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Oui In France Reader Survey 2016

Hey guys, it’s time for my first ever reader survey. Oui In France is about 3.5 years old and I figured now is as good a time as any to hear from you. A survey is a great way for me to gauge what’s working around here and what I can do differently based on what you want. I’m curious and want to hear from you! It’s short, I promise!

(NOTE: If you’re reading this in email form, please click over to the actual blog to take the survey. It won’t work from your email inbox!)


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