Monday Mishmash 3/2/15

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Hello! Can’t believe it’s March already. Hope Monday is treating you well so far…

Monday Mishmash is a roundup-style post I’ll be doing semi-regularly to update you on happenings around here, share some cool links and let you know about anything else going on.


Need a healthy dessert? Meet The Protein Bakery

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The protein bakery review

Everyone’s favorite part of dinner is dessert. Or is that just me? It is a necessary part of every meal, and in France especially, having dessert often is totally normal — even if it’s just some fruit or a yogurt to finish off the meal and feed a craving for something sweet. Sometimes dessert can include protein powder, like it does in sweets from The Protein Bakery. They’re a US and UK-based bakery that makes a wide array of cookies, brownies and bars that are ridiculously delicious and nutritionally balanced.

Read on for The Protein Bakery review!

When a friend’s pet dies

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When a friend's pet dies

Hi guys, short post for you today, and it’s a post I was hoping I’d never have to write. I need your advice…

Dagny and I befriended a retired gentleman and his Shih Tzu who live in the neighborhood about a year ago after moving into our house. We’d see them a couple of times a week and stop to chitchat or walk together if we were headed the same way. He rang my doorbell just now (tried a few neighbors’ doors first since he didn’t know my exact house and I almost didn’t answer it due to weirdos who ring my bell) and informed me that his 6-year-old dog, Billy, died unexpectedly Friday after having kidney failure with no viable treatment options. He told me the details of how he wasn’t eating and lost weight and I was trying to keep it together. He was crying and I just kept saying, “I’m so, so sorry.” I didn’t know what else to say.

We aren’t close friends or anything, but we are acquaintances that see each other a few times a week in the neighborhood and Billy and Dagny would often play together as we walked. The fact that he deliberately tried to find me says that he wanted me to know and knew I would care. My heart was breaking as he stood there crying at my doorstep.

I know social norms aren’t always the same in France, but I feel like I should do something for him. He lives with his wife (haven’t met her though). Is making them a cake or something a stupid gesture? I always try to reverse the situation and think about what I’d want someone to do for me and I think I’d like a cake, or even just someone to listen. You all know I’m a dog person and my heart just breaks for him.

I know I don’t need to do anything, but if anything I can do brightens his day, even for a moment, I want to do it.

Ideas? What do you do when a friend’s pet dies?

On expat life: 5 Things I’m embarrassed (not really) to tell you

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expat life the truth i'm embarrassed to tell youIf you’ve spent some time living abroad, you know firsthand how amusing, exhilarating, exhausting, life-changing and eye-opening life can be when you leave your home country behind. You realize a lot about yourself, those around you and those back home in the process. Sometimes these truths are a tad embarrassing. That’s what I’m focusing on today…

Here’s my list of 5 expat truths that I’m (not really) embarrassed to tell you!

Go read!

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