Finding a pumpkin in France (and carving success!)

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It’s Monday, glorious Monday which means the weekend is over. Boooo!!! But the good news is that we found pumpkins to carve! Finding jack-o’-lantern-style pumpkins to carve in France often proves difficult. There are all types of gourd-like pumpkins and squash varieties, but good ol’ orange pumpkins to carve? Eh, not so much. After an hour of striking out at garden centers, we decided to head to a nearby harvest festival where these beauties were for sale (dammit, don’t ask how much the trio above cost. How much are pumpkins these days in the U.S.?? Just curious). We spent the afternoon carving them into creations that will definitely confuse the neighbors (no one really carves pumpkins here). So score for that.

And in other news, check out 5 foods in French grocery stores that’ll make you say WTF. With pics of it all after the jump…



7 Things that surprised me on our Uniworld France river cruise

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surprising-river-cruise-facts-uniworld If you’ve been following the blog, you know that Tom and I went on a Bordeaux river cruise aboard the Uniworld River Royale back in May and had a spectacular time discovering all that the Bordeaux area had to offer. Put simply, the boat was like a luxurious boutique hotel on the water complete with top-notch staff, food and activities. But what surprised me about our France river cruise?


Things French people say (VIDEO)

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Howdy… a quick post coming at you today!

After you’ve spent some time in France, you’ll notice two things: 1) A bunch of words/phrases are so commonplace that you hear them EVERYWHERE and 2) That you’ve actually incorporated these overused words and expressions into your speech just like the French. And the video I’m sharing with you illustrates how comical this can be.

Go see!

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