What you need to know about driving in France

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driving-france If you’re a foreigner and want to drive in France, congrats! You’re in for a fun time. Seriously though, driving in France isn’t that different from driving in the U.S., but there are some subtle (and not so subtle) differences that you should take note of to avoid an accident and major frustration. Here’s a quick list of what you need to know about driving in France.


Tourists in Paris: Why a little effort with French goes a long way

Written by Diane. Posted in travel

Tourists & the French language While standing in line at a Paris Ladurée over the weekend, I observed one tourist after another launch right into English when addressing the employees of the famed macaron shop. I’d hear a variation of, “Hi, I’d like a box of six macarons” over and over until I questioned if I had suddenly been transported to the Ladurée on New York’s Upper East Side. Nope, I was still in Paris and not one tourist started out with a friendly bonjour or a tentative, “Parlez-vous anglais?” And yes, this is a problem.

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