Take 2: More brands that need to come to France

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More brands that need to come to France

France has no shortage of delicious food products and great brands. Let me say that right off the bat. But France doesn’t have everything this American desperately needs. Yes, I know I don’t live in America so I shouldn’t expect every product under the sun — and I don’t! — I just expect a select few to make their way over, like the selection I wrote about last time and the ones below. I wish these select few existed here and didn’t require emptying your wallet on Amazon to ship from the other side of the ocean (that’s if international shipping is even offered at all). Until then, this gal can dream…

More brands that need to come to France!

Do or don’t? The use of putain in casual speech

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is putain really rude

**If you’re offended by swearing, this is not the post for you so please stop reading now!**

Hey guys, so today’s topic is something that’s come up in my life on more than one occasion. It’s the use of the French word “putain” in professional settings and around kids. So first, putain literally translates to whore and is used like an American would use fuck. Sometimes you’ll just hear the second syllable, ‘tain, because the person will cut the “pu” part out of the word but it means the same thing. I’ve always thought of the word as the equivalent of fuck and a word you don’t use around kids or in a professional context. Then two things happened (and keep happening) that made me question this.

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When you find something that isn’t yours

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When you find something that isn't yours

Have you ever found something unattended in a public place that didn’t belong to you? Like property left behind by someone in a rush? A friend recently told me this story of how she found some electronics accessories valued at around US$200 left in the restroom of a busy train station in a major city. What would you do? Before we get to that… let me tell you story from my childhood that’s stuck with me all these years.

One day when my brother was about 5 years old and I was 9, we headed out with my mom to do some shopping, parked the car after arriving at the mall and started walking toward Toys “R” Us. A few seconds into the walk across the parking lot, my brother spotted a wad of cash on the ground next to a parked car not far from the store’s entrance.

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15 Signs you’ve been an expat in France for too long

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Signs you've been an expat in France for

Have you ever felt like you’ve been an expat for too long? Or that maybe you’re adapting to life abroad a little too well? There are some signs that will clue you in after a certain amount of time. What are these things, you ask? Here are 15 signs you’ve been an expat in France for too long!


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