Throwback to 2009 when I was teaching in France

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teaching in france

Back in 2009, I had a 7-month contract where I was an English language teaching assistant out in the suburbs of Paris (more on the program here). It was my first move to France and my French was intermediate. I had zero experience talking to French kids and was assigned to two grammar schools. My job was to assist the teachers with their lessons… except most of the time, they let me be the teacher. I wrote about it on my blog back then and recently read through some old posts. I smiled as I read this particular one that I’m sharing with you today. So let’s throw it back to 2009 when I shared some observations and what my first day of teaching in France was like…


Intro to canal cruisin’ in Alsace

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canal boat rental france

Hi there! Greetings from a very murky Alsace somewhere near Saverne, France! Tom, Dagny and my in-laws are on board a canal boat deep in the canals of Alsace and the Moselle this week, and while we got off to a rainy start, things are looking up! In the coming weeks, I plan on giving you all the details of our canal boating experience along with a few videos, but today’s post is a little intro to canal cruising in France.

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Accent-uate the positive

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Hello there, longtime reader/commenter Catherine of Taste of France contacted me a little while ago about writing a guest post for Oui In France and today I’m posting it for you. I’m currently in the east of France with Tom, Dagny and my in-laws, so please enjoy her post on accents below in my absence and show her some love in the comments.

Take it away, Catherine…

When your site gets hacked

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Howdy mes amis, woooooooo what a crazy couple of days I’ve had and not in a good way. Actually, that’s not true. Things are better now and we’re on a canal somewhere in Alsace. More to come on that soon.

This post needs a strong beverage though, so I’ll be right back after I pour myself a nice glass of wine….. ok back. Just kidding, it’s 7am and I try not to pop any bottles before noon.

So what’s this all about?

You may have visited my site at the tail end of last week and noticed it was loading really slowly or not at all. Sorry about that! That’s because someone got access to my server and did things they had no right to do. Yup, I was hacked. DOH! Luckily they didn’t wreak too much havoc and I got it taken care of right away. Let me explain what happened.

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