7 Things I’ll never understand about the French

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I’ve been in France nearly three years now and have made great* strides in understanding the French people, the language and culture and the general day to day. But despite this, there are a few things I don’t think I’ll ever understand about the French (even if I adapt). So here they are…

*depends on your definition of the word


What I’m loving lately

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Is it really September 1 already? Yikes. I think we had about two weeks of summer in these parts back in July, and since then, temps have been hovering in the 60s and the mornings are cool. Will September bring a heat wave? Guess we’ll find out soon enough… And if not, that’s fine by me. Winter is and always will be my favorite season.

OK, so for today’s post: I love finding out about new brands and products on the internet from other bloggers so I’m doing my first “What I’m loving lately” post.  Hope you’re all having a relaxing Labor Day!

Let’s go!

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