Souvenirs from France that your friends will actually appreciate

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best souvenirs from france

If you’re one of those generous travelers, you delight in picking out something special for that friend who couldn’t make it on the trip with you this time around. You flick through the dime-a-dozen t-shirts in the airport, you walk past the snow globes and key chains and opt out of the kitschy plastic Eiffel Towers the vendors wave at you in front of all the tourist attractions. So what’s a thoughtful friend supposed to buy as a souvenir for someone back home?

I have some French souvenir ideas…

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American concepts that haven’t caught on in France

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American Concepts that haven'tcaught on

Depending on where you live, what you’re used to and how observant you are, a trip to France might seem very familiar or like you’ve landed on Mars. Or a mix depending on the day. But know what you won’t find? The American concepts I’ve listed below. In many cases, that’s a good thing — France is its own country, after all. But a few things on my list would probably delight the French and foreigners alike (or maybe just me). One day…

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Monday Mishmash 4/13/15

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Monday mishmash 41315

Hi guys! Happy lundi to ya!

What’s going on around here? My dad is visiting us/working on our house. Back when we bought our house, it was part of the plan to have my dad come and do some painting, tiling and a few other little repairs to spruce things up. So now’s the time and we’re all elbow deep in paint and have made more trips to Leroy Merlin than I can count.

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Healthy dessert: Caveman Cookies review

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Caveman Cookies review

I love finding out about new products and brands through the blogs I read and today I’m sharing a review of Caveman Cookies with you. I recently discovered the brand in a care package my parents sent me. The healthy cookies are made with ingredients our ancestors had (and none of the artificial junk from today) and are perfect if you follow a paleo diet and equally delicious if you don’t.

Read on for my Caveman Cookies review!

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