Monday Mishmash 1/26/15

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monday mishmash 12615

Hi there! It’s Monday again and thought I’d pop in with a quick Monday Mishmash to kick off the week. Monday Mishmash is a roundup-style post I do semi-regularly that has a bunch of random stuff including happenings around here, fun links and to let you know about anything else going on.

Let’s go!

What I’m really thinking when you correct my French

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correcting my french

Learning a new language as an adult is no easy feat. Becoming conversational in a foreign language is more or less doable with some hard work, but what about when the ability to speak a foreign language well is a necessity just to get by and be understood? That’s when it all gets real and casual language learning gets a whole lot more serious.

Let’s talk about how it feels to be corrected by a native speaker and what I’m really thinking when you correct my French.


Exercise embarrassment: When your moves look weird & other “oops” moments

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exercise embarrassment

Traditional exercises have their place in my workout routine and I love squats, lunges, shoulder presses and dumbbell curls. But sometimes you want to work a muscle in a way that has you feeling kind of awkward. And when you’re the only woman in the weight room busting out some hip thrusts or doing lunges on the treadmill, sometimes exercise embarrassment takes over when people gawk at you as they pass (for all the wrong reasons). Or when you fall on your butt and hope that no one saw you (yeah that happened).

Let’s talk about exercise embarrassment and what to do about it…


UPDATE: Lonely expat problem and making friends abroad

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making friends abroad

Hi all, about two years ago I published a post titled The lonely expat problem: Making friends is harder than it looks which resonated with so many expats out there. Frankly, it was sad and surprising to know that so many of you were experiencing the same thing I was and also comforting at the same time to know I wasn’t alone in what I was going through. A recent comment on that post asked for an update and since the situation in the friends department has changed a little bit — for the better! — I figured I owe you all an update. So here it is…

Read my update on making friends abroad!

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