Ask Tom Tuesdays: Let’s talk sports

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

AskTomTuesdays There’s something about French guys… and you just want to hear what they have to say! I’m often asked what my husband thinks about American culture, food, the people and more. Curious minds want to know what French guys think about all kinds of things, so today my husband, Tom, is bringing you the next installment of his series called Ask Tom Tuesdays. He’s answering your questions about whatever you want to know….

Today we’re talking about sports in France… GO!

5 France-themed Etsy shops you need to bookmark

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else

france-etsy-shop I’m a proud Etsy seller and customer and love buying note cards, stuff for Dagny, jewelry and all kinds of other items. Etsy is an awesome site for any kind of gift giving (or treating yourself), so if you’re looking for France-themed Etsy shops to remind you of your trip or to inspire you to take one, here are my favorite France shops that are chock-full of French charm.


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