Quick French lesson: Provence vs. province

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difference between provence and province

Howdy, and welcome to your quick French lesson of the day. A few years ago, we were at Tom’s parents’ house and his mom said something that sounded like, “Mais on habite en Provence donc ce n’est pas un probleme ici.” (But we live in Provence so it’s not a problem here). I thought to myself, “That’s weird, we don’t live in Provence or anywhere close.” Later when I asked Tom about it, he laughed and said I misheard and his mom had said Province. Very different, and no, it’s not another city in France.

Learn the difference!

Culture shock moments I had on my vacation back home in the USA

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Culture shock moments I had on my vacation back home in the USA

Tom and I had a wonderful 10 days in the USA… Florida to be exact. We flew in and out of Miami but did a bit of traveling within the state and made excellent use of our time there. Since I am American and lived my entire life in the USA until about 5 years ago, I won’t say that anything on vacation was really shocking. But since I hadn’t been there in over a year and a half, I did have a few culture surprise moments and interactions I wasn’t expecting that are worthy of noting — and that’s what we’re talking about here.

Read on for my culture surprise moments in my own country!

Ask Tom Tuesdays: Sports fans in the USA vs. France

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Ask Tom Tuesdays- Sports fans in the

Hello, hello! The second post of the week is coming a little early because my French husband Tom is joining us today for the latest installment of his series “Ask Tom Tuesdays.” It’s where you ask the questions and he gives you the answers. Longtime Oui In France reader Todd wrote and asked Tom to compare and contrast French and American sports fans and since Tom is always down to talk about sports, he took some time over the weekend to write this post for you.

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