Ways to repurpose French glass yogurt jars

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Ways to use those French glass yogurt jars

If you’ve ever strolled down the yogurt aisle of a French grocery store, you’ve probably noticed that certain types of yogurts and desserts come in cute little single-serve glass jars instead of disposable cups like you’d find the US. If you just can’t bear recycling them and want to flex your DIY muscles, then this is the post for you.

Here are some ways to use leftover glass yogurt containers!

Need a French/English language speaking partner? Let’s help each other out

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Need a French-English language speaking partner- Let's help each other out

Hi everyone, I’m currently en route to the US but wanted to get this post out there in case it’ll help anyone. When learning a new language, it can be difficult to find language partners with whom to practice — especially if you don’t live in a country where that language is spoken. Something I see on forums and on social media all the time is that people want to learn French (and vice versa for English) but don’t know any native speakers. So what do they do? They end up focusing on grammar and reading and writing instead. In a recent post, I stressed the importance of comprehension when learning a language so to that end, I’m hoping to match up a few of my readers out there who need a language partner.

If that sounds like you, read on!

France river cruise: A closer look at CroisiEurope’s MS Loire Princesse

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CroisiEurope's MS Loire Princesse

If you spend any time near France’s Loire River, you’ll notice a variety of animal life and vessels including small motorboats, wooden boats, kayaks, sailboats and all kinds of birds. But what is one thing I’d never seen on the river until now? A river cruise ship. She’s called the MS Loire Princesse and is the newest addition to CroisiEurope’s lineup and also the first cruise vessel with cabins to debut on the Loire. Naturally curious about what the ship had to offer, I emailed CroisiEurope — the biggest Europe river cruise player out there — to find out more about the exciting cruise in my neck of the woods. They kindly invited me on board to take a look firsthand…

Curious about the Loire river cruise and the MS Loire Princesse?

Read on!

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