2 little things for Friday

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2-little-things for friday

Hello there, my lovely, lovely readers! How has your week been?

Just popping in here to tell you about 2 quick things that I shared with my newsletter subscribers but don’t think I ever posted on my blog. One is an interview with me and the other is a fun interactive post that rounds up a bunch of bloggers’ favorite places in France.


Tips for going through canal locks in France and what it’s really like (VIDEO)

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Canal locks are a given on a canal boating trip, and on our recent canal cruise in Alsace aboard a Nicols boat, we must have done at least 40 over the course of the week. At first, we were total amateurs, but after a couple of days, we figured out a good system to safely and efficiently pass through the locks. What are locks, how do they work, and what are some tips for operating them?

Read on and be sure to scroll to the end for a video I made all about our canal lock experience!


Comfortable yet stylish walking shoes for your next trip (that aren’t your grandma’s!)

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Over the years I’ve been guilty of killing my feet in the name of fashion. I’ve also gone the other direction and bought ugly shoes in the name of comfort. Isn’t there a happy medium? Yup! I’m sharing some shoe brands with you that make stylish shoes that won’t kill your feet after a few miles. I own shoes from each brand I’ve mentioned below, so consider them my personal recommendations that are perfect for trips with lots of walking. 😉


Why getting complimented on your French means you’re not fluent

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Why people complimenting your French means you've got a ways to go toward fluency1

You’ve been living in France for a little while now. At first, it might seem like a good thing when native French speakers compliment your French. Yay, someone has noticed! You feel proud, accomplished and like you’ve made progress… and you should feel all of these things. Congrats! Language learning is hard. But the real marker of progress is when native French speakers stop complimenting you on your French. That’s when you know you’ve majorly improved. Yes, really. Why is this the case?

Read on!

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