The little things in life lately

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The little things in life lately

Do you ever get so busy with work or school or everyday life that you forget to slow down and notice the positives all around you? Or maybe you get so caught up in the what-ifs and the negativity that seems to be everywhere? For as long as I can remember, taking a moment to appreciate the little things in life has always helped me to calm down, de-stress and refocus my energy. Sometimes we are so consumed with our to-do lists and the hubbub of life that we don’t take the time to see what’s right in front of us.

So I’m taking a moment to do that right here.


How to move to France

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Hi guys, the most popular question I get from readers is about how to move to France. People write me looking for advice, reassurance and encouragement, all of which I’m happy to give. Some are single people in their 20s looking to study abroad, others are married with kids and want to try something new, and others are couples of retirement age looking to slow down and soak up French culture.

I’m the first to say I’m not an expert on how to move to France; I’m just someone who has done it. My blog focuses more on what life is like once you’re in France and not how to move to France, but I wanted to compile some resources for anyone out there who may be considering a move.

Here are my suggestions and a few pieces of advice on how to move to France.

Read on!

So you wanna guest post?

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Hey blogger friends, do you want to guest post on Oui In France? If so, I’m putting the call out for guest post pitches and I’d love to hear from you. This holiday season, I’ll be posting 2-3 guest posts from readers just like you, so if you’re interested, read on…  

7 Everyday things that are more difficult to do in France

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more difficult in france

No one ever said moving to France would be easy and I’m reminded of that all the time. Is it more difficult than my life back in New York City? I wouldn’t say that either — it’s, well, different. Life isn’t easy for anyone, but if you keep a level head and can laugh at yourself, the everyday stresses seem to roll off your back that much more easily. Here are 7 things that are personally more difficult for me in France than they were in the USA.


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