Why does France conjure up such a sense of class and sophistication?

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why is france so romantic

Tell anyone you live in France and their minds immediately fill with romantic images of lazy days spent lounging around Paris with Champagne, a baguette and cheese not far behind. By pointing out you’re French, you’ve just taken on an air of sophistication, won bonus points with any romantic interests and become a person of envy for some, because you have a life where, to many, the sun seems to shine just a little more brightly. Would living in China conjure up the same type of response? I don’t think so.

Why does France evoke such a sense of class and sophistication?

6 Truths about Les Mills’ BODYCOMBAT

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Sometimes you need a good kick in the pants to jumpstart your workout routine and that’s exactly what I did back in April when I joined my neighborhood gym. Working out at home was getting stale and I needed a change. Already familiar with the Les Mills brand of fitness classes from my YMCA in New Jersey, I was happy to see that my French gym’s offerings included BODYCOMBAT, a high-energy, cardio-based kickboxing class that has enough choreographed punches and kicks to keep you engaged and having fun, not to mention drenched at the end. I’ve been taking it twice a week now for several months and love it (aside from that lack of air conditioning situation in the summer). The 55-minute workout goes by fast, has you rocking out to some cool tunes, torches calories and forces you to work hard.

If you’re thinking of trying a Les Mills BODYCOMBAT class or are already a seasoned participant, here are some truths about the kick-butt class.

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Top blogging pet peeves that make me want to scream

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blogging-pet-peeves We all have things that get on our nerves. If you’re a blogger, you probably have a running list of things that drive you mad. Finicky technology, anyone? I read about 30 blogs on a regular basis and browse a bunch more and over time I’ve taken mental note of what’s cool and what’s not.

Here’s my list of what’s definitely not cool.

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