The power of a compliment

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The power of a compliment

Whatever happened to connecting with other human beings in a meaningful way? The more I look around, the more I see people in it for themselves and glued to their phones. Lost in their careers and even in their personal lives. Friendships can easily become one-sided, friendly coffee dates with your girlfriends keep getting postponed, people stop calling and emailing or are always distracted. Do we care anymore?

There’s something I’ve noticed since being in France. It’s that French strangers and acquaintances NEVER (ok very rarely) give compliments. Maybe it’s just my perception, but come on! A compliment shows you care! Taking five seconds out of your day to let someone know their work, advice, clothing, whatever is great can make a world of difference to them. So why are we too caught up in our own lives to say a few magic words to other human beings that are most definitely worthy of our time? Life is too short!

Read on!

French grocery store oddity: The potato chips are where?

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The potato chips are where-

If you’ve ever spent any time walking around a French grocery store, you may have noticed that the potato chips are in a completely different aisle than the Doritos, Pringles, pretzels and other foods Americans would consider snack food. I often find myself wondering WHY about lots of things in France… because things seemingly don’t make any sense to my confused American brain. Including the location of potato chips in the grocery store.

But to the French? All of this makes perfect sense.

I asked Tom to explain…

Fabletics in France: The Shift Bag review

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Fabletics The Shift Bag review

For more than a year, I’d been using an upright tote bag for my gym bag and it was time to trade that in for something more functional that actually closes. I’ve been a fan of Fabletics for a while now and luckily for me, they also have a nice range of accessories — including stylish gym bags at affordable prices. Last week, I had a look on the Fabletics France site and bought myself The Shift Bag. I absolutely love it, so if you’re in need of a new gym bag, read on for my review.


Getting over your fear of speaking in a foreign language (and why you just have to do it)

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Getting over your fear of speaking and why you just have to do it

In this thing we call life, putting ourselves out there in any capacity can be terrifying. Whether it’s public speaking at work, blogging, opening up to someone in your life, starting a new business or trying to converse in a foreign language, sometimes it’s easier to not try at all. But that’s the problem. I’m focusing on speaking another language in this post. I’m a huge proponent of forcing ourselves to push past our fears.

Let me explain…

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