5 Embarrassing French mistakes

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French mistakes you should avoid

If you want to get a feel for French language embarrassment firsthand, you could just strap a GoPro to my head and follow me for a day. Well, if I’m being truthful, at this point my daily life doesn’t provide that much comical fodder but it did. From language mishaps to cultural misunderstandings, learning and trying to speak a new language as an adult is hilarious. And I laughed at myself a lot (and so did other people!).

So whether you’re just starting out with French or you’ve been speaking French for ages, steer clear of these conversation killers.

Here are 5 embarrassing French mistakes that you should do your best to avoid!

Wednesday Mishmash: Colorful Rue Cremieux in Paris

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pink house paris rue cremieux A few days in Paris is always a good idea. Tom and I drove to Paris for a little getaway and got back last night. Up until about 5 minutes ago, I thought today was Monday and had this titled Monday Mishmash. Ooops. So why the trip? To see one of my favorite singers, Damien Rice, in concert and for a work meeting. I bought tickets for the concert back in February and it was absolutely amazing. The last time I saw Damien Rice live was in New York City back in 2008 or 2009 and seeing him live again was a treat. Also while there, I finally made it over to Rue Cremieux… one of the most colorful streets in Paris.


Why are the French afraid of air conditioning?

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Why are the French afraid of air

Hi everyone! I wrote a post a little while ago asking for guest post submissions for when I’m on vacation in September. First, thank you for all your submissions, and there’s still time if you’d like to submit a pitch.

One pitch I received came from an American expat and it was about mosquito bites and air conditioning. It was perfectly timed because as I read his idea, I laughed out loud. I was sitting on my couch with no fewer than 30 mosquito bites cursing the little bastards that had ruined all chances of sleeping soundly for the next couple of weeks. Since the mosquitoes are out in full force with no A/C in sight around here (meaning we have to open the screenless windows to get air, hence the bugs), I figured I’d run the guest post sooner than later.

And any of you out there who say you hate A/C, you’re LIARS. Listen, it doesn’t have to be Miami-style A/C where it’s so cold you need to wear a sweatshirt indoors, but a comfortable temperature so you can sit on the couch without soaking your clothes is never a bad thing when it’s 90F+ outdoors.

So without further ado, let’s get on with the guest post.


Need your input: 3 Concerns for this year’s Expat Holiday Care Package Exchange

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Hi there, last year I held the first annual Expat Holiday Care Package Exchange where expats around the world sent care packages to each other in the hope of spreading holiday cheer. Overall it was a success but a few things have given me pause. I intended to host it again this year… but will I/should I? Let me tell you what’s giving me trouble… would love to hear your thoughts.


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