French men pee everywhere (and a wedding question)

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french men pee everywhere

When I was 6 years old and my brother was 2, we were in my grandma’s car going somewhere on a NJ highway. At one point, my brother (who was really proud of himself for no longer needing pull ups) let my grandma know he had to pee, so like any good grandma who wanted to avoid a wet car seat, she pulled over to the side of the road to find a spot for him to go. Mid-pee, a cop pulled over and issued my grandma a pricey ticket before my brother could even get his pants back up. I learned from that day on the importance of using a toilet when you have to pee.

But French dudes? They pee everywhere!

French pronunciation: Word pairs you don’t want to mix up (with audio)

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French pronunciation- Word pairs you

One of the most entertaining parts of my everyday life in France is when I mess up words. I think I’m more amused by it than the person I’m talking to, but hey if we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at? The simple things, folks, the simple things. Anyway, I’ve paired up a bunch of French words that sound similar to a foreigner’s ear but they are indeed very different. And sometimes a quick slip of the tongue can get you into trouble. Tom’s helping today with the audio.


What we can learn from eating like the French

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What we can learn from eating like the If you mention France to someone, one of the first things that will pop into their head will surely be food. Maybe it’s a baguette or croissant or French cheese or just French food in general. France is a country that wholly appreciates mealtime and food, and the longer I live here, the more I see that first hand and appreciate all the good food myself. But what can we learn from eating like the French? A whole lot.


The problem with Americans not taking vacation days

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The problem with Americans not taking

The average American employee gets two weeks of vacation time per year. Three if they’re lucky.  In the good ol’ USA, there’s no law that says employers have to offer their employees any paid vacation time at all. That in and of itself is a problem — especially when many nations around the world give employees 4 or 5 weeks of paid time off, if not more, and are still functioning just fine. But there’s an even bigger problem in our society if employees who have paid time off can’t even use it.

A recent piece I read on Matador titled “Why Americans need to slow down and make travel a priority” really spoke to me. Whether you enjoy traveling or not isn’t the issue if you’re not even able to take a real vacation.

Read on!

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